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King of the Ring 2019: Ranking the Potential Winner

Back in 1985, WWE came up with a concept called, “King of the Ring” where 16 wrestlers competed in a single-elimination tournament to determine would be king of the wrestling ring. It was held annually for multiple weeks until it had its own pay-per-view in 1993. The King of the Ring PPV lasted until 2002. Since then, the tournament made […]

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Ranking All the Money in the Bank Matches: 11-1

If you missed the first part of my ranking of every single Money in the Bank Ladder match, click here. Like I said in yesterday’s article, Money in the Bank is a popular stipulation in all of professional wrestling. The first part of the rankings had okay to forgettable MITB Ladder matches. This matches below are the more memorable ones […]

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10 Worst WrestleMania Winning Percentages

Yesterday, I posted the list of the 10 best WrestleMania winning percentages. In the spirit of WrestleMania and putting countless hours in the spreadsheet I made for this (don’t judge me), I decided to post the 10 lowest winning percentages in WrestleMania history. Here is a quick recap of how the list was made, similar to yesterday’s post. I only […]