Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Alfonso De Falco, but everyone pretty much calls me Fonz. I am 25-years old looking to make a name for myself in the writing world, namely sports and other trending topics.

I graduated from St. Bonaventure University in May 2017 with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. What I want to do in the future is to become a full-fledged sports writer. Sports has been a big part of my life since I was a little kid, from shooting hoops in my mini basketball net to playing College Level Rugby at St. Bonaventure.

My previous writing experiences include contributions on Basketball Society (December 2014-December 2018), 12Up Sports (April 2018-August 2018), The Bona Venture Newspaper (January 2017-May 2017) and TAPInto Greater Olean (January 2017-May 2017)

Some of the topics you’ll see here will range from wrestling to video games, current events, and obviously sports.

If you have an interest in reading some of these topics, go ahead of check out some of my articles. If you are not sure, check them out anyway and maybe you’ll find yourself interested in these topics.

I also started up a podcast called, “The SlickBack KickBack Report w/ Fonz De Falco,” where myself and my producer Albert Donor talk all things wrestling, sports, gaming, and anything else that comes to mind. New episodes drop every Wednesday and occasional Saturday with guests joining the show to give their opinions on said topics.

Available wherever you listen to podcasts (Apple, Spotify, etc.)

In addition to my podcast and blog, I also started up a Youtube channel, named “Fonz De Falco”. The channel is more of a creative outreach where I do commentary, vlogs, skits, gaming reviews, gameplays, and other random topics.

I was always told that when making a blog you need to stick to just one topic. While I agree with that in some instances, I felt like I wanted to further my personal reach and show that I can talk about other interesting topics regarding different communities.

Thank you for checking out my About Me section, take a look at some articles. Feedback is always welcome!