On July 19, WWE hosted “The Horror Show” at Extreme Rules, a staple in the WWE pay-per-view calendar since 2009 but this time with the altered headline being a horror show. Seven matches took place on the card with one match scheduled never actually happening.

How did the pay-per-view do? Here are my grades and quick thoughts on each match.

Kevin Owens def. Murphy (pre-show)

Credit: WWE.com

Grade: B+

The kickoff show started with a match that was announced a mere hours before the pay-per-view started. The action started from the opening bell and there was non-stop action, given the history involved with these two and the inclusion of Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio.

Kick-off matches are usually used for slower matches to get the crowd warmed up but this is already in the conversation for one of the better matches of the night. Is that a good thing? Maybe and maybe not.

While it was predictable for Owens to win, this match showcased that Murphy has a ton of talent and WWE should really start using him to his full potential.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship – Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro def. The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E) (c) in a Tables match

Credit: WWE.com

Grade: B

Adding the table stipulation was a nice touch here and made sense given that on the Friday episode of SmackDown before the PPV had Nakamura and Cesaro take out New Day with a table.

Kingston and E can take some losses here as they are already a top and established tag team in WWE, regardless of brand. Cesaro and Nakamura have been set up as a tag team (really should excel as singles stars) so it makes sense for them to have the gold.

The short amount of tag teams on the blue brand (Jimmy Uso is hurt and The Forgotten Sons are in some hot water backstage) with just The Miz/John Morrison and Lucha House Party to add to New Day, expect these teams to just start off their rivalry going forward.

SmackDown Women’s Championship – Bayley (c) def. Nikki Cross

Credit: WWE.com

Grade: A-

The storytelling in this match was excellent and probably has been one of Bayley’s better title defenses since winning the title. Bayley using Cross’ ring-apron spot against her and Cross using Bayley’s old face taunts was a nice touch here.

With Bayley’s heel persona, you can see mounting frustration with her inability to put the Cross away quickly after bragging about how confident she could beat her with ease. Banks interfering to save was a good touch to what was going to happen later on in the night.

United States Championship – MVP def. Apollo Crews (c) by forfeit….maybe

Credit: WWE.com

Grade: D

So it was announced that Crews did not pass his pre-match physical so therefore he could not defend his title at Extreme Rules. This left MVP to confidently walk into the ring and declare himself the winner via forfeit and become the new United States Champion, though it is not official.

Crews has not been on TV for weeks and if this was the case that he would not be able to compete, then why have him advertised for the past few weeks if this was the plan? It is questionable but if anything, this gives heel heat on MVP, who really is enjoying this nice second run he is having with the company despite announcing his retirement months ago.

Seth Rollins def. Rey Mysterio in an Eye for an Eye match

Credit: WWE.com

Grade: C

This was such an odd match to watch. Yes, the only way to win was that you have to successfully gouge out your opponent’s eyeball. IF this was a cinematic style match (which is should have been) or just a simple No Disqualification match, this would have been a lot better. This is the case where it was stuck with a really bad gimmick

The in-ring product of the match was great but that was expected when you have Rollins and Mysterio on paper. I just never got into this weird stipulation.

Raw Women’s Championship – Asuka (c) vs. Sasha Banks ended in a false count

Credit: WWE.com

Grade: C

Take out the last minute and aftermath of the match, this could easily be an “A”. The ending just dropped this down to a “C-“. Expecting a clean finish, WWE overthought this (like with many other recent matches) and ruined the quality of this match.

Bayley and Banks cheat to get their wins, it fits their characters as a team. This was just a case of doing too much. Banks will get a rematch next week as it was announced on Raw this past Monday so hopefully, we get a better ending to it.

WWE Championship – Drew McIntyre (c) def. Dolph Ziggler in an Extreme Rules match (Extreme Rules stipulation only allowed for Ziggler)

Credit: WWE.com

Grade: B+

Ziggler announced an interesting match stipulation, revealing it be Extreme Rules but only for himself. Meaning the WWE Championship would change hands if Drew McIntyre was counted out or disqualified. This was a nice twist that actually worked here.

This was a solid match that had Ziggler pulling out everything he could and trying to get an advantage on McIntyre. It did not work in the end as McIntyre won but this gave Ziggler some momentum going forward and one of his better performances in recent months.

McIntyre will give Ziggler another chance as he said on Raw this Monday but this time he’ll pick the stipulation. It’ll be interesting to see where that goes and more importantly, who will feud for the WWE title next.

Bray Wyatt def. Braun Strowman in a Wyatt Swamp Fight

Credit: WWE.com

Grade: A+

This was one weird match but I loved it. WWE nailed this one again with these cinematic style matches. It had a little bit of everything, from Strowman going back to his black sheep gimmick when he first joined the main roster to Alex Bliss showing up as Sister Abigail.

Wyatt’s creativity in these types of matches is amazing. Like with John Cena back at WrestleMania 36, this went back to Strowman’s early parts of his career.

Wyatt should go back to his demon persona and will likely hit the main part of his feud with The Monster Among Men. Will they wait for fans to return is the question now or do they rush it out while it is hot.

Go back and watch this one. I promise you’ll like it.


The Horror Show at Extreme Rules was a decent pay-per-view. The Wyatt Swamp Fight was the best match on the card while the pre-show and SmackDown Women’s Championship matches take the cake as the best in-ring matches. From this past weekend, I think Slammiversary was better. Still, not a bad pay-per-view.

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