On Saturday night, Impacting wrestling held their Slammiversary pay-per-view, their second PPV since Hard to Kill back in January. Since then, we have seen a few notable names (Tessa Blanchard and Michael Elgin) no longer a part of the company while we saw some former WWE talent make an appearance, officially announcing their signing with the company.

The former WWE superstars that have officially signed with Impact last night include; The Good Brothers (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson), EC3, Heath Slater, and Eric Young. It is always great to see talent like those mentioned get their opportunity in a new place

Looking at the actual event itself, it was on overall solid card on paper with all the titles being on the long and one legendary tag team making a return in the company. How did Slammiversary do? Here are my thoughts on grades for each match.

The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) def. The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz and Dezmond Xavier)

Grade: A-

While it would have cool to see the previously mentioned Gallows and Anderson make their in-ring debut, this was a nice shock here as MCMG is a legendary tag team during the TNA era. This was a nice way for a younger tag team to get a rub from the likes of Shelley and Sabin.

If you ever watched a match with The Rascalz you know one thing, it is a non-stop offense and high flying moves. Combine that with MCMG and you got a very good and action-packed opener for the card.

This was a great way for the newer fans to show off what the tag division was like back in the day for Impact. This was an excellent way to open up the show.

“Unsanctioned” TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Moose (c) def. Tommy Dreamer in an Old Schools Rules match

Grade: C

This was an okay match and it did use a lot of weapons, which was expected given Dreamer was a participant in this match. I really do like Moose’s character here as a former sports star (he was a former NFL lineman back in the day if you did not know) showing off that he is the best thing in wrestling.

Credit to Dreamer, who even at his age (49), he’ll always put in 100% effort into a match. Moose winning was expected and it’ll be interesting to see what the plans are going forward for not only for Moose but for the unsanctioned title belt as well.

Kylie Rae last eliminated Taya Valkyrie in a Gauntlet for the Gold match to be named #1 contender for the Knockouts Championship

Grade: D+

For those not aware, think of the Gauntlet for the Gold match as a Royal Rumble, with two wrestlers starting in the ring and a new one entering every 60 seconds.

While the Knockouts division is one of the better women’s divisions in all of pro wrestling, this was a slight disappointment in my book. the one-minute intervals felt a little rushed and did not allow the participants already in the match to get any sort of momentum rolling.

I’m glad that Rae got the win here given that she has already gotten a solid push since joining the company.

Before the next match took place, Heath Miller (formerly Heath Slater in WWE) made his Impact debut by laying out Rohit Raju. Side note with this, I am looking forward to seeing what the plans are for Miller with Impact. The longtime WWE superstar has a chance to make a name for himself outside of the WWE bubble for the first time in his career

X Division Championship – Chris Bey def. Willie Mack (c)

Credit: @IMPACTI WRESTLING (Twitter)

Grade: C+

I had a lot of high expectations for this match given the superstars in the match but it felt a bit of a disappointment. I think Bey is going to be a star in this the company but Mack dominated for a majority of the match so it was odd for him to drop the belt after that.

On top of that, it felt one-sided until Bey got the momentum late. Still, an okay match but I felt it could have been better.

World Tag Team Championship – The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) (c) def. Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan

Credit: @IMPACTI WRESTLING (Twitter)

Grade: B

This match for me was a lot better than expected. We know Page and Alexander are a great tag team but the combination of Shamrock and Callihan has a lot of good chemistry throughout.

The match was action-packed but it felt like a one-off really, much like a lot of The North’s tag team title matches. We confirmed that when The Motor City Machine Guns came out post-match after North’s promo and are set to have a title match on this week’s Impact epsidoe.

Credit: @IMPACTI WRESTLING (Twitter)

Knockouts Championship – Deonna Purrazzo def. Jordynne Grace (c)

Credit: @IMPACTI WRESTLING (Twitter)

Grade: A

It is crazy to think that NXT/WWE did not see the potential in Purrazzao. She has a lot of talent that finally got her chance on the Impact roster. The match overall was excellent as both competitors balanced out each other nicely with a lot of action and counters to each other.

Putting the title on her so soon makes sense in this scenario. She was red hot when she signed with Impact and has a lot of fanfare behind her. I am looking forward to seeing what the plans are for her going forward. Grace was also solid in this match that should not be ignored. She has improved greatly since joining Impact and also looks to be a mainstay in the title picture.

This was the best match so far on the card.

Vacant World Championship – Eddie Edwards def. Ace Austin, Trey Miguel, Rich Swann, and Eric Young in a Fatal-Five-Way Elimination match

Credit: @IMPACTI WRESTLING (Twitter)

Grade: A

The main question here was who was going to be the fourth participant in this match. We got that answer in a returning Rich Swann but we also got a surprise fifth entrant in Eric Young, who was one of the many superstars released by WWE. The former Impact star never had a chance when he was in NXT and WWE so it is great to see him where he will be properly used.

Looking at the match, Edwards was the least expected person to win the title. With a lot of new faces in the company, mainly in this match, it would make sense to have a familiar face with the title on one of the company’s biggest pay-per-views.

This was an excellent match that had a lot of action throughout and gave everyone a chance to shine. The post-match with The Good Brothers pairing with Edwards and Austin and Madman Fulton should be a good rivalry going forward. Miguel will likely head back into the tag division or compete in the X Division for now and Swann/Young has the potential to be a REALLY GOOD rivalry going forward. Add a returning EC3 in a video after the match announcing he is back with the company and you have a new era in Impact Wrestling right in front of your eyes.


Slammiversary had a good card on paper outside of the sloppy gauntlet match, this was overall a very solid pay-per-view. We saw a lot of familiar WWE faces make their debut (or return) and it’ll be interesting to see how Impact does with the amount of new talent. A pay-per-view I definitely recommend checking out if you haven’t.


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