If you know by now, I am a huge fan of jerseys. From ranking the new NBA City and Classic jerseys from this season to making a two-part series showing off my extensive jersey collection (which is on my YouTube channel by the way..check it out), I can talk about jerseys for hours on end.

It is common to see many sports teams debut new uniforms in their respective offseason and the 2020 NFL offseason has been no different. Six teams debuted new uniforms for their respective eras. While some brought back some classic fan favorites, some teams might want to have a second try at this.

Here, I ranked all six teams’ new uniform sets heading into the 2020 season. The rankings factored what they did, how many combinations they can use, and of course, how they look.

An honorable mention – Indianapolis Colts

Credit: @Colts/Twitter

Not technically counting in this ranking as the Indianapolis Colts just made some minor changes to their current uniforms. The minor change was that the numbers were modernized while making the Nike swoosh on the white uniforms black. The Colts uniforms have always been solid so it is good that they did not do a huge overall.

6. Atlanta Falcons

Credit: Atlanta Falcons website
  • Combinations: Seven
  • Favorite ones: The throwbacks
  • Least favorite ones: Half-red/black top, black bottom

Atlanta did a complete uniform change heading into the 2020 season, with the team having seven different combinations in their rotation. The throwback uniforms are my favorite in the new set but outside of that, I really do not the rest of them. The ATL wording on the top of the jersey is fine but I felt that the Falcons already had solid uniforms, to begin with, so why change it? The half red/black tops might be the worst designs in all of the new uniforms that debuted this offseason.

5. New England Patriots

Credit: New England Patriots website
  • Combinations: Two
  • Favorite ones: All-blue
  • Least favorite ones: White tops/blue bottoms

The Patriots debuted new uniforms in the post-Tom Brady era. The all-blue uniform is similar to the team’s popular color rush uniform, while the white is a similar style to the color rush but just in white, while keeping the same blue pants for both.

Not horrible and while I liked the color rush uniform, you would think they would have a different set in this new era.

4. Los Angeles Rams

Credit: @RamsNFL/Twitter
  • Combinations: Three
  • Favorite ones: Blue tops/yellow bottom
  • Least favorite ones: All white

Man, ever since the Rams moved to Los Angeles, it seems that they have had a mess-up of uniforms every single year. Personally, the St. Louis uniforms were a lot better and I think they should have kept those around. The blue tops and yellow pants is a pretty solid uniform, along with the all-blue. Those all-white (or all-grey depending on how you look at it)….not so much.

3. Cleveland Browns

Credit: Cleveland Browns website
  • Combinations: Four
  • Favorite ones: Brown top/white bottom
  • Least favorite ones: White top/brown bottom

The Browns went back to their old uniforms from the 2000s-early 2010s and that was the right call. The Browns may have been a joke for quite some time but I give credit here as I am a fan of these uniforms. The team also brought back their popular color rush uniforms, which was a good call. Thank god they did not add an all-orange uniform to the set.

2. Los Angeles Chargers

Credit: Los Angeles Chargers website
  • Combinations: Six
  • Favorite ones: All Navy
  • Least favorite ones: White top/yellow bottom

At first, I did not like the Charger uniforms but after looking at them multiple times, I started to like them a lot more. The powder blue jerseys will forever be the most popular jersey in all of sports. These are simply clean and fresh. I like that they brought back the dark blue color rush uniforms while adding a navy second color rush uniform. Great stuff.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Credit: Tampa Bay Buccaneers website
  • Combinations: Three
  • Favorite ones: All pewter
  • Least favorite ones: All white

Anything better than those alarm clock numbers was fine by me but the Bucs really made an excellent upgrade on those uniforms. Tampa Bay wore these during the 2000s-early 2010s and bringing these back was the right call. On top of that, the all pewter color rush style uniform was an excellent touch on the Bucs 2020 uniform set. Hopefully, we can see the creamsicle uniforms make a comeback come 2021.

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