Who doesn’t love throwback jerseys? While the majority of the NBA teams have solid uniforms, it is nice to see certain franchises pay homage to past seasons with their old school uniforms. Every season, we see a handful of teams bringing back some special jerseys to honor a certain year the franchise was at it’s best.

The 2019-2020 season was no different. On top of most of the teams debuting new “City” edition jerseys, 11 teams brought back some classic designs, with two of those teams brought back two jerseys. Like you have seen in past seasons, we have likely seen them used for just this season.

Much like when I ranked all the City jerseys from worst to first, I did the same thing with the throwback jerseys the team wore this season. The rankings were simple, basically how nice the jerseys looked on the court as well as if they still hold today.

Honorable Mention – Memphis Grizzlies (Black Memphis)

Credit: Memphis Grizzlies Website

The Memphis Grizzlies at the beginning of the season announced that they will wear two uniforms, one to honor the franchise during its playing days in Vancouver when the team debuted 25 years ago (the teal) and the franchise moving to Memphis 20 seasons ago (black).

The Black uniform will make an appearance during the 2020-2021 season as an honor of 20 seasons in Memphis, so they do not technically count in the 2019-2020 throwback rankings but it has to be mentioned, given that they were announced a year prior with the other uniform that will be mentioned later.

12. Philadelphia 76ers

Credit: Philadelphia 76ers Website

The 76ers brought out these jerseys to honor the team during the 1970-71 season. An interesting fact about these is that they did not wear these for an extended period, rather they just wore them for a small portion of the 70-71 season.

Nothing entirely wrong with them but maybe due to that they were never an icon jersey, they do not seem like a classic to me.

11. Golden State Warriors

Credit: Warriors Twitter

The Warriors actually brought out two throwback jerseys this past season with this one being during the debut of the team’s location to San Francisco.

The blue, yellow, and red collar are not a bad but outside of that these seem a little plain to me and is the worst of the two uniforms Golden State brought back for the ’19-20 season.

10. Sacramento Kings

Credit: Kings Website

The Kings brought back these uniforms to honor the team’s 35th anniversary of the team’s relocation to Sacramento.

Sacramento originally wore these from 1991-1994 with the Crown above the “i” in Kings being a tradition in past uniforms. Personally, I think the Kings have a lot better throwback uniforms and this one for me does not top the list.

9. Houston Rockets

Credit: Rockets Website

Houston brought back these special uniforms, which were worn during the 90s while the team won back-to-back titles in 1994 and 1995.

While they are popular and iconic uniforms, nothing beats the giant rocket ship logo pinstripe jersey.

8. Golden State Warriors – 1966-67

Credit: Warriors Twitter

Anytime the Warriors break out a version of these uniforms I am a fan of. The circle in the front with the Golden Gate Bridge inside of the circle is really nice.

7. Portland Trail Blazers

Credit: Trail Blazers Website

The Portland Trail Blazers have always had nice uniforms throughout the teams history. This past season, the team unveiled these to honor the Blazers 1977 Championship Season.

The all red with the Blazers spelled out vertically, really nice stuff here.

6. Charlotte Hornets

Credit: Hornets Website

Not the biggest fan of the current Charlotte Hornets uniforms and the team should really consider making the classic 90s pinstripes their everyday uniforms.

The team has brought back all three of these uniforms for the past three seasons (the teal was worn during the 2017-2018 season, the white was worn during the 2018-2019 season, and the team brought back the purple design for the 2019-2020 season).

Personally, the teal was my favorite but the purple is a close second.

5. Cleveland Cavaliers

Credit: Cavaliers Website

The Cavaliers brought back the fan-favorite black uniforms that first debuted back in the 1994-95 season.

The black with the blue stripe across the middle. Simply clean.

4. Los Angeles Clippers

Credit: @kurtwearshats/Twitter

Before their days as the Clippers of Los Angeles, the team was actually based out of Buffalo, New York as the Braves. These uniforms were first worn in the 1970s. The team left Buffalo after the 1977-78 season and it was nice to honor their former location here.

3. Toronto Raptors

Credit: Raptors Website

Probably one of the most iconic NBA uniforms of all time. We have seen the Raptors bring back the purple dinosaur uniforms a few seasons back (which I personally prefer over the whites) and this season, they brought back the white dinosaur ones to honor the teams 25th season.

2. Utah Jazz

Credit: Utah Jazz Website

The mountain backdrop with the purple and teal old Jazz logo? You can’t beat these. The Jazz originally wore these back in the 90s and early 2000s and this was the first time the team brought these back as a classic uniform.

Maybe next year will see the Jazz bring back the white ones.

1. Memphis Grizzlies

Credit: Brandon Dill/Getty Images

Easily the best throwback jersey that was brought back this season. While the team may be no longer in Vancouver, these jerseys are still popular to this day. Can’t beat these.

The Grizzlies are going to wear the black jerseys mentioned earlier but I would be all for bringing these back for next season as well.

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