This past weekend, All Elite Wrestling had its first pay-per-view of the calendar year in Revolution. In a week where WWE has dropped the ball on its product in Super ShowDown, this was a nice way to remind people that when booked right, a PPV can be memorable.

Eight matches took place on the card with one on the pre-show (there was an untelevised dark match that I will not cover due to not being able to view it) and all three titles were on the line. Here are my thoughts on grades for each match.

The Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson) def. SoCal Uncensored (Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) (pre-show)

Credit: @allelitewrestling/IG

Grade: B-

A solid and energetic tag match to open the card. The Dark Order winning was needed here to establish themselves as a legit tag team. Finding out that SCU member Christopher Daniels was not The Exalted One was a good teaser as we continue to wonder who is the leader of the heel stable. The debut of Chicago native Colt Cabana got a huge pop from the crowd and he looks to be a full-time member of the company, as it was announced that he signed with AEW.

A good way to open the card to get the crowd started here.

Jake Hager def. Dustin Rhodes

Grade: B

An intense match throughout that was a great way to open up the main card. A grudge match between two men who dislike each other and the fans bought into the match from the start.  Hager winning makes sense to establish himself in the company and credit Rhodes for showing that he can still put on excellent performances even at his age.

Darby Allin def. Sammy Guevara

Credit: @allelitewrestling/IG

Grade: A+

WHAT A MATCH. The whole match was incredible and my favorite spot here was when Guevara delivered a 630 senton from the top rope to a lying Allin through a table at ringside. Both men will be future stars in this company and both told a story with Allin overcoming the early damage he took from the crazy bumps for the victory. The crowd loved it and the commentators putting over the young stars really show how high backstage is on these guys.

World Tag Team Championship – Kenny Omega and Adam Page (c) def. The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson)

Grade: A+

Back to back A+ grades here and this was another incredible match. Fans were invested in this from the start and the guys did this match so well that you kind of forgot that this was a 30 plus-minute match.

An emotional roller coaster with A TON of near falls. Add in the fact that Page looked to be potentially turning on his partner Omega is another wrinkle in their title reign. Their win here shows that they are looking to have a longer reign with the possibility of a heel turn down the line from Page.

Women’s World Championship – Nyla Rose (c) def. Kris Statlander

Credit: @allelitewrestling/IG

Grade: C+

AEW has had a problem with their women’s division and this was another case that they have some work to do here. The match looked out of place at times and the crowd not getting behind it hurts here. It may have been due to the excellent tag match prior, but something did not click here.

Still, Rose looked like a star here winning and it’ll be interesting to see what the plans are for the women’s division as a whole down the line.

MJF def. Cody

Credit: @allelitewrestling/IG

Grade: A-

A great story-driven match between two guys that have had months of build. It is somewhat surprising that the crowd was not into this match. Still, the spots here were great at the cowardice of MJF really sold this match for me.

Cody’s post-match reaction to his loss was an excellent touch to this showing that their feud is far from over. Both superstars are great and I am excited to see how the fallout is here on Dynamite and setting up some sort of match to the next pay-per-view they just announced, “Blood and Guts”, which is set for March 25.

Pac def. Orange Cassidy

Grade: B+

A fun match between two superstars you would not expect to share the ring. Pac is great (obviously) and Cassidy is super over with the crowd. Cassidy’s slacker style combined with Pac’s selling made this a comedic match while also getting fans heavily invested in it.

The Lucha Bros getting involved is interesting and I’m curious to see the reasoning behind it. Did they align themselves with Pac? Or was it just a way to get them on the card and start a feud with Best Friends?

World Championship – Jon Moxley def. Chris Jericho (c)

Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Grade: A+

The story before was that Moxley could not see out of one of his eyes due to an attack from Jericho a few weeks back. Him removing the eyepatch to reveal that he could see the whole time was a nice touch that got the crowd riled up.

Speaking of the crowd, they loved this match from start to finish and getting behind Moxley finally becoming the AEW Champion. In the days of high spots and athletic matches, this was an old-school match that had just two guys brawling from the opening bell.

You can make the argument that Jericho’s title reign still had a lot of juice left but the time was right in making Moxley the champion. He has been unbeaten in AEW and is way too over with the crowd to not name him the champion. I can’t wait to see the promo the former “La Champion” has in store this week on dynamite.


Simply put, AEW Revolution was amazing. All the matches outside of a few got you hooked to your seat from start to finish. Get on the AEW hype train if you haven’t. The future is bright, especially with their mid-card talent.

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