The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA for short) is looking to make some noise in 2020 as another wrestling promotion to watch. 2019 was a good year for the company, having a reboot of sorts which included having a weekly television show called NWA Powerrr (which is broadcasted live on Tuesdays at 6:05PM on the company Facebook and YouTube page).

Back in December, they had their first official pay-per-view in Into the Fire, which received a lot of positive reviews. Hard Times will be the first PPV for NWA in the calendar year, which is set to take place on Friday, January 24 at 7PM on Fite TV.

11 matches are set to take place, with all the titles on the line, including an eight-man tournament to crown the first-ever World Television Champion. If you are a WWE fan, you’ll recognize some of the names on the card. Here are my predictions for NWA’s Hard Times PPV.

Nick Aldis vs. Flip Gordon

Credit: National Wrestling Alliance

Prediction: Nick Aldis wins

With NWA announcing a partnership with Ring of Honor, we have a match between two of the companies’ biggest stars.

I like the partnership between the companies as it is a way to get a lot of talent on both shows and to recruit new fans to watch. While Gordon winning would help out ROH, there is no way that the top champion in NWA in Aldis is losing here. This should be a good matchup with the potential involvement in recently re-signed ROH member Marty Scurll.

World Women’s Championship – Allysin Kay (c) vs. Thunder Rosa

Credit: National Wrestling Alliance

Prediction: Allysin Kay retains the Women’s World Championship

Rosa has an MMA background and has a badass persona to get the fans to rally behind here. She has a chance to be a future champion down the line but there is an involvement of Melina and Kay in their own feud. Rosa right now is just stuck in an awkward spot so I would not be surprised if Melina gets involved here to set up another title match down the line between her and Kay.

World Tag Team Championship – The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) (c) vs. James Storm and Eli Drake vs. The Wild Cards (Thom Latimer and Royce Isaacs)

Credit: National Wrestling Alliance

Prediction: The Wild Cards win the World Tag Team Championship

While it is cool to see the legendary Rock ‘n’ Roll Express in action and as tag champions, I think it is time for the company to move onto a younger tag team to build that division. It is a good nostalgia trip but when you watch them in a match, it is hard to watch since they can barely move at times. The team of Storm and Drake have the chance to be a good tandem given their popularity but I am giving The Wild Cards the win here.

I say this due to their alliance in Aldis’ Strictly Business stable and putting some more gold into the stable can help them build the company and make them a stop heel faction in all of wrestling.

National Championship – Aron Stevens (c) vs. Scott Steiner

Credit: National Wrestling Alliance

Prediction: Scott Steiner wins the National Championship

Stevens (former Damian Sandow for you WWE fans) has been great during the weekly Powerrr show, reminding the fans that WWE may have dropped the ball on what he could have actually done in the company. He is a perfect heel champion here, like hiding behind The Question Mark and trying to steal his thunder whenever they are together.

My pick though is the newly signed and legend Steiner to win here. He brings a name and legacy that will get the fans to watch the show, not to mention him being added to Strictly Business helps his cause.

World Television Championship – Tim Storm vs. Ken Anderson (First Round)

Credit: National Wrestling Alliance

Prediction: Tim Storm wins to advance to the Semifinal

Storm has been a great babyface here in NWA and the fans have been behind him since Powerr started broadcasting. He may be up there in age but the tournament time limit of the matches only being six minutes and five seconds can help him out here. Anderson has been a good addition here in NWA but I have Storm advancing.

World Television Championship – Ricky Starks vs. Matt Cross (First Round)

Credit: National Wrestling Alliance

Prediction: Ricky Starks wins to advance to the Semifinal

The company is really behind Starks and has the potential to be something special in the company, so I have him winning here.

World Television Championship – Zicky Dice vs. Dan Maff (First Round)

Credit: National Wrestling Alliance

Prediction: Dan Maff wins to advance to the Semifinal

Dice is a cocky heel that the fans love because of his attitude and Maff is a big powerful wrestler with ROH. This should be a fun match to watch.

World Television Championship – The Question Mark vs. Trevor Murdoch (First Round)

Credit: National Wrestling Alliance

Prediction: The Question Mark wins to advance to the Semifinal

Question Mark on Powerrr has been a delight, especially his partnership with Aron Stevens. It’s funny and they work well together. Murdoch has had a nice rebirth since getting back into the wrestling ring but the popularity of Question Mark is too much for him to win at least one match in the tournament.

World Television Championship – Tim Storm vs. Ricky Starks (Semifinal)

Prediction: Tim Storm wins the to advance to the Final

Again, Starks is a star here and NWA should do whatever they can to keep him around. But the story of Storm as the huge underdog is too much of an opportunity to pass up here.

World Television Championship – Dan Maff vs. The Question Mark (Semifinal)

Prediction: The Question Mark wins the to advance to the Final

If this match happens, this will be fun to watch with two big powerful guys going head to head. I have Question Mark winning here and it would not be shocking if Stevens helps him out here.

World Television Championship – Tim Storm vs. The Question Mark (Final)

Prediction: Tim Storm wins the tournament to be crowned the first-ever World Television Champion

Again, Storm winning makes sense to cap off the return into the wrestling ring. The limited-time in the matches helps him out here and he should be crowned the first-ever World TV Champion. The crowd would give him a standing ovation if he wins here.


Hard Times looks to be a solid PPV for NWA. The Aldis/Gordon match should be good to watch to promote the NWA/ROH partnership and the potential of Scurll interfering is interesting. While the TV Championship Tournament may be hard to predict, it should be a good one. While not a lot of wrestling fans know about NWA, this could be a good way for the company to introduce its stars.

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