The NXT UK brand will be hosting its first TakeOver event of 2020 and the third in its short history. The event will be taking place on January 12 at 12 PM (EST). While many fans enjoyed what NXT has done, not a lot of people are talking about the UK brand. Only being around for a calendar year, it has been home for WWE stepping foot into the British wrestling scene.

I have watched a few NXT UK weekly shows and I have been a fan of the product. The past two TakeOvers (Blackpool and Cardiff) have been solid as well. Kicking off the TakeOver in the same place that started the first, this should be a good one.

As per tradition in the United States, five matches are scheduled for the card with all three of the brand titles on the line. Here are my predictions for the show.

Trent Seven vs. Eddie Dennis


Prediction: Eddie Dennis wins

Dennis has been out of action for months after surgery for a pectoral injury. He made his return when he was in the crowd shaking Seven’s hand and refused to let go. Later, before Seven had a match with Michael May, Dennis attacked May. Seven confronted him and resulted in him getting hit with a microphone.

Seven can afford a loss here and with the return of Dennis, I have him winning here to get him back on track to start 2020.

Tyler Bate vs. Jordan Devlin


Prediction: Jordan Devlin wins

Devlin has been one of the stars in my opinion since NXT UK debuted. This could be one of the best matches on the card. The story here is that Devlin has been frustrated with his lack of chances to earn a title shot on the brand and targeted Bate since he had a TakeOver title match last time.

I have Devlin winning here and earning a future title match against United Kingdom Championship WALTER. Bate can afford a loss here much like Trent Seven since he has had previous title matches and is still over with the crowd.

Tag Team Championship – Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) (c) vs. Imperium (Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel) vs. Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson and James Drake) vs. Mark Andrews & “Flash” Morgan Webster in a Ladder match


Prediction: Imperium wins the Tag Team Championship

I am a sucker for a Ladder match so yes, this off the bat is my favorite match heading into TakeOver: Blackpool II. What is cool about this match is that this is a group of guys that you might not expect to be good in this type of match. Back at the USA’s TakeOver: XXV we saw a great four-way ladder match and we end that seeing that here.

It would not be surprising that we see this open the card to set the tone for TakeOver and this will be a good one. In these types of matches, it could also protect the champions since they do not have to be pinned to lose the titles.

My guess is that Aichner and Barthel of Imperium win here. The stable (with WALTER and Alexander Wolfe) has been excellent since forming a few months back and they have formed a similar stable in The Undisputed Era. Plus, the stables will be facing each other at Worlds Collide and it would be cool to see both teams have all the gold heading into the match.

Expect chaos and high spots here. This should be good.

Women’s Championship – Kay Lee Ray (c) vs. Toni Storm vs. Piper Niven


Prediction: Kay Lee Ray retains the Women’s Championship

Ray beat Storm for the title at the last UK Takeover (Cardiff) and that left Storm to be away for months afterward. Niven climbed the rankings in the UK women’s division. It looked to be a singles match between the two before Storm came back into the picture and wants her title back. Thus, the triple threat match was made.

This should be a good match between three of the top stars in the division. I have Ray retaining here, given it may be too soon to give the title back to Storm and it may be too early to give Niven the title since they want to build the division. If anything, the triple threat can help Ray win the title by stealing the pin from someone.

United Kingdom Championship – WALTER (c) vs. Joe Coffey


Prediction: WALTER retains the United Kingdom Championship

A match here between two of the leaders in NXT UK’s top stables (WALTER with Imperium and Coffey with Gallus). This match has been built for a while now and this will likely be the main event of TakeOver Blackpool II.

As much as Coffey has been pushed, I don’t see WALTER losing the title given he has been so good as the top guy in the NXT UK division. We know how good the champion is but this could be a good chance for Coffey to showcase his skills to the casual viewer. This should be a good match.


Not a lot of hype surrounding the NXT UK division but this should be a solid pay-per-view. The brand has put on good weekly shows in its early birth. The title matches will be fun while the two non-title matches could be solid in their own right.

For you east coasters that are looking to watch some wrestling in the afternoon then TakeOver UK Blackpool II should be something you should consider to watch

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