Impact Wrestling will have its first pay-per-view of 2020 with Hard To Kill. This is the first Hard To Kill PPV in the company history that’ll take place at The Bomb Factory in Dallas, TX on January 12.

Impact itself has had a nice rebound in the past few years and the company will look to take great strides in 2020. Eight matches are scheduled for the card, with all four titles on the line (including a special intergender match for the World title).

Here are my predictions for Impact Wrestling’s Hard To Kill.

Eddie Edwards vs. Michael Elgin for the Call Your Shot Trophy

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Prediction: Michael Elgin wins and earns the Call Your Shot Trophy

At Bound for Glory, Edwards won a gauntlet match to win the Call Your Shot Trophy, which allows Edwards a title shot for any title he chooses. After weeks of going back and forth, the two will have a match and Edwards trophy is on the line, which adds a nice stipulation to a simple singles match.

Elgin has a power style wrestling and Edwards is the opposite, which should make the match interesting. The winner can be a toss-up here. Edwards is over with the crowd while Impact has been keen on pushing Elgin as the next contender for the World Title. I have Elgin winning here and doing just that.

Brian Cage vs. Rob Van Dam

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Prediction: Brian Cage

The return of RVD. Gotta love it. Van Dam was one of my favorites growing up and it is cool for me to see him still going at it. While he may be up there now, his new heel gimmick and continuous athletic ability have shown that he is still a solid wrestler.

He started up a mini-feud with Cage in recent weeks that led to this match right here. I have Cage winning here and it gives him a new direction since losing the Impact World Title a few months back. Plus, RVD’s contract with Impact is set to expire soon, so that could take a factor in this.

Moose vs. Rhino

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Prediction: Moose wins

Another old school wrestler is back with Impact in Rhino. I also was a fan of him growing up (also going by Rhyno in WWE). He is set to go up against former NFL player and Impact mainstay in Moose.

Unlike RVD, Rhino has a new contract with the company (a two-year deal) so he looks to be here for the long haul. Still, I have Moose winning here. He looks to be one of the top stars in Impact and him getting the victory over the veteran and fan-favorite can help him climb the rankings as the next heel champion.

Ken Shamrock vs. Madman Fulton

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Prediction: Madman Fulton wins

oVe’s Fulton has been destroying the veteran in Shamrock for the past few weeks which lead to this match right here. Shamrock, despite his age, can still go toe-to-toe with anyone in the ring.

Expect a short match but I am giving the win to Fulton. Impact has been showing him more and more since joining the brand and giving him a huge win against a guy like Shamrock could jumpstart his 2020 run as one of the biggest heels in the company.

World Tag Team Championship – The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) (c) vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Prediction: Rich Swann and Willie Mack win the World Tag Team Championship

I am definitely looking forward to this match. The North’s Page and Alexander have been a great tag team since winning the tag titles while Mack and Swann have developed great chemistry since forming together.

The recent story with them, however, is that Mack is growing jealous of Swann’s push and status with the company. We could see a Mack heel turn here but another story could be Mack stepping up big time to win the titles and making the team a lot stronger. Either way, this will be a good match and could be one of the best when it is all set and done. Give Swann and Mack the titles, then start up the potential breakup down the line.

X Division Championship – Ace Austin (c) vs. Trey Miguel

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Prediction: Ace Austin retains the X Division Championship

Probably one of the weirdest backstories I had to write about when talking about this match. Austin has been using mind games on Miguel, mainly flirting with his mother (Yup you read that right).

Regardless, this is a big match for both of these young superstars that can steal the show much like the tag team match. Austin has been great as X Division Champion and given that he recently won it, I don’t see him losing it here. It would not shock me if the mind games cost Miguel his chance to win and allow Austin to get the victory.

Knockouts Championship – Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Jordynne Grace vs. ODB

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Prediction: Jordynne Grace wins the Knockouts Championship

Valkyrie won the Knockout title more than a year ago and has beaten everyone that has tried to step up to the challenge, from Madison Rayne to Tenille Dashwood, and even Grace to just name a few.

The addition of ODB is a nice touch, given that she is a former champion herself in Impact. Valkyrie has been great as a champion but it might be time to shake things up. I have Grace finally winning the big one, given that she is very over with the crowd.

Impact World Championship – Sami Callihan (c) vs. Tessa Blanchard in an Intergender match

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Prediction: Tessa Blanchard wins the Impact World Championship

Blanchard has been the top star in Impact Wrestling (male or female). She has been in a lot of great matches throughout the past year and many consider her one of the best wrestlers right now.

She has been pushed heavy as someone who can go toe to toe with anyone on the roster, from Brian Cage to working in an all-male ladder match for the X Division title back at Bound for Glory. While some feel indifferent to companies having intergender matches, you have to give the company credit for doing this continuously unlike a lot of other promotions.

The crowd will no doubt be hyped for this match from the start. With the push for the past year, why not pull the trigger and have Blanchard being the first female to hold the Impact World Championship? Try it out. She is more than capable of holding her own as the top star of the company.


Impact Wrestling has been on the end of jokes when it comes to wrestling promotions. This past year, however, I think they are making positive strides. They have been building their own star without pushing former WWE superstars of the bat (remember when Hulk Hogan ran the company?)

Hard To Kill looks interesting and I am looking forward to it. It may not be WWE or New Japan, but they have been great in their own right. Let’s hope they start 2020 on a good note with a good showing.

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