For the third straight year, Nike and NBA teams are collaborating once again with their City Edition uniforms. Unlike the traditional home and away (and sometimes alternate) uniforms, the city uniforms incorporate the city the teams play for, whether it is based on a landmark or what the city is best known for. To add to that, teams have the option to change the uniform every season unlike their regular ones,  its cool to see and get fresh upgrades every year.

We have seen some great city uniforms during the first two years and of course some bad ones. Now, we have seen all teams announce their city uniforms for the season and four teams have opted to keep the same ones as last year.

Today, I rank all the 2019-2020 NBA City jerseys from worst to first. A simple ranking here, going off my opinion of how well I believe they made this years look. Let’s get started.

Unranked – Memphis Grizzlies

Memphis chose to not go with a city uniform in the rotation this season, which is something we have not seen until now. It might be because the team announced two new classic uniforms (which are amazing and I’ll save for a future ranking) but who knows.

Naturally, you can’t rank a jersey if there is no jersey to begin with, so they are out.

29. Dallas Mavericks


The Mavericks have botched the city jerseys for the past two years and they do it once again for the 2019/2020 season.

The concept here for Dallas was to highlight their art community and graffiti culture. Great idea but not good looking at all.

28. San Antonio Spurs


The first of four teams to have the same uniform as last season. The background for this was to honor the servicemen and women and their connection to the city of San Antonio.

I for one am always in support of the military and I love the concept but honestly, the camo does not work in a basketball uniform. I feel that the Spurs could have used a different design here.

27. Boston Celtics


The concept here was to honor the rich history of the Boston Celtics but the team has such classic uniforms that it is odd to see this particularly different looking one. Boston has had some decent alternate uniforms in years past, this isn’t one of them.

26. Orlando Magic


Showing the connection of Florida and citrus fruits, the Magic removed the classic blue and changed it up with orange.

Not a horrible idea but Orlando has had better uniforms and being sponsored by Disney, they could have a better jersey. Plus, the ORL in the front just looks lazy. Having Orlando spelled out may have bumped them up the rankings.

25. Minnesota Timberwolves


The baby blue highlights the state of Minnesota’s nature and original basketball team, the Minneapolis Lakers. The MSP represents the state’s international airport.

I like the color but the overall design seems a little boring to me. Still a good idea to give a nod to the states historic past.

24. Milwaukee Bucks


The team has used the cream color in the past to represent the bricks to build the city of Milwaukee but the Cream City in the front was a bad call here because that name is relatively unknown outside the state. A different name on the front would have bumped them up in the rankings.

23. Sacramento Kings


The red does not work here and having Sactown on the front just does not look right. A baby blue or light purple would have worked a lot better here.

22. Detroit Pistons


Detroit nailed it last year with the same jersey but it was black and grey. The red and blue stripe down the middle is a good concept, highlighting the cities historic car factories but the colors make it look like a lower level soccer club.

21. New Orleans Pelicans


New Orleans is sticking with their same city jersey as last year, with their Mardi Gras theme across the chest with their NOLA lettering.

The uniforms decent and look good but a few tweaks next year could work better.

20. Los Angeles Lakers


A uniform you would expect here for Los Angeles. A bright jersey where the stars on the side of the jersey and shorts represent all the retired numbers in the historic franchise.

Shaq designed the uniforms and I like the idea with the numbers on the side but given the number of good alternates the Lakers have had in years past, I expected something a little better.

19. Utah Jazz


Utah is sticking with the same city uniform they had last year. A nice colorway with the bright colors up top fading down deeper to the bottom.

18. Washington Wizards


Nothing better than the red, white, and blue. The Wizards are using the team’s secondary logo on the front, which is what they have been using in recent alternate uniforms.

17. Brooklyn Nets


Love the concept here, representing the Bed-Stuy neighborhood where the iconic Biggie Smalls grew up. The color scheme on the side is cool here also.

16. Houston Rockets


Houston tried to go with a NASA Space uniform concept and it is solid, to say the least. The H-Town lettering in the front is different along with the Rocket name under the Nike logo which is a nice touch to the uniform.

15. Philadelphia 76ers


This has a classic design vibe and I am all for it. The script lettering along with the cream color base gives this a nice change of pace from their regular uniforms.

14. Chicago Bulls


A lot of people do not like these but I am feeling the opposite here. I like the sky blue here with the team logo on the front. The stars on the side represent the official flag of Chicago. Sometimes, a color that is not part of the official team colors doesn’t work. It does here.

13. Toronto Raptors


Black and gold. Simple and sleek. A perfect uniform for the defending champs.

12. Atlanta Hawks


Atlanta, in my opinion, has one of the worst uniforms in the NBA. The city jersey, however, is in the complete opposite direction. The black and gold are awesome here, along with with the Peachtree lettering on the front a dedication to the historic street in Atlanta.

It shows here that the Hawks can make great uniforms. Let’s hope they switch their primary home and away uniforms for the future.

11. Cleveland Cavaliers


I like what Cleveland did here. They took a piece of every uniform design from the past and combined them into one.

A nice way to show dedication to the past and mixing it well for the future of the franchise.

10. Phoenix Suns


The Suns have always had solid uniforms when it comes to their Los Suns designs. Inspired by the Latin community in Arizona, these are nice looking, with the purple and orange on the collar meshing nicely with the all black.

The flag pattern on the bottom is a nice touch here also.

9. Golden State Warriors


Golden State got a complete uniform overhaul due to the team moving to San Francisco and these black ones are their city uniforms. Similar to past designs with “The Town” going above the circular tree logo.

Simple but a nice one.

8. Charlotte Hornets


A lot of rankings I have seen have the Hornets uniform lower on the list but I think these are the more underrated city uniforms this season.

The gray color is nice and the honeycomb pattern on the side is a really good touch here. If I were to make a slight change, maybe take away the “CHA” on the front and replace it with “Buzz City”, which we have seen in the past. Still, a solid uniform.

7. Denver Nuggets


These are the same city uniforms as last season but this time changed the base color to black. Nice and clean and one of my favorites.

6. Oklahoma City Thunder


The Thunder’s inspiration for these uniforms was to honor the 168 killed, the survivors, and the emergency personnel at the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Great color scheme outside of the traditional team colors and awesome reasoning behind the design here. Bravo!

5. Los Angeles Clippers


This uniform has a GTA San Andreas vibe and I’m all for it.

4. Portland Trail Blazers


The Blazers have always had a nice design with the Rip City uniforms and they nailed it once again this season.

3. New York Knicks


The Knicks had these last year and it was a good call to keep these again for the 2019/2020 season. The navy blue base is great along with the orange and blue checker-board around the collar. An underrated part of the uniform here is the New York lining up straight on the front, rather than the traditional curve like past uniforms.

2. Indiana Pacers


Inspired by the cities racing scene, the checkered flag on the side is a nice touch with the numbered circles on the front. The all-white was a good call here too, giving it a nice clean look.

1. Miami Heat



Two years ago, the team debuted the same uniforms but in white and last year they released a black and pink version of the uniforms. This year, they go with baby blue which may have been expected if they wanted to continue this design.

Simply put, these are beautiful and no doubt they’ll be the most bought by fans. Don’t know how they’ll top it for next year but the Heat should just consider making these the regular uniforms (along with the white, black, and pink ones).


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