Sunday night was WWE’s popular Money in the Bank PPV. Both the men’s and women’s ladder matches were the most anticipated bout. Outside of those two, the Universal and WWE championship matches delivered as well with Becky Lynch pulling double duty for both brand’s Women’s Championship.

Here is my review from every match on the card, starting with the non-title pre-show match.

The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) def. Daniel Bryan and Rowan (pre-show)


Grade: C+

A solid match between two teams that deserve better than the pre-show. The Wild Card rule has not been well received since it began a few weeks back. Rowan and Bryan should have walked out victorious here, given they just started their reign as tag champions. Given the victory, expect The Usos to compete for the SmackDown tag titles despite being on the Raw brand.

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match – Bayley def. Nikki Cross, Natalya, Ember Moon, Naomi, Carmella, Mandy Rose, and Dana Brooke


Grade: A-

The Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match opened the main card on Sunday and what a way to kick off the show.

Everyone had their chance to shine here, including Dana Brooke, who was one of the MVPs of the match. Her bumps and her spot when she was hanging on to the briefcase without a ladder shows how much she has improved in the past year.

Nikki Cross looked good here, showing the WWE Universe what she is capable of being on the main roster. Naomi also looked good here, showing off her athleticism which included a perfect split when the two ladders were about to crush her.

The Carmella injury by Mandy Rose shows the beginning of an interesting storyline between the two in the future. Sonya Deville carrying Rose up the ladder was a good spot here, showing the friendship that they have it could be the beginnings of the Women’s Tag Team titles down the line.

Bayley winning here was the right move. The last few years have not been kind to her but 2019 has definitely been an improvement, from winning the first Women’s Tag title to eventually cashing in her contract later in the night.

United States Championship – Rey Mysterio def. Samoa Joe (c)


Grade: D

Samoa Joe humiliated Rey Mysterio in 60 seconds at WrestleMania 35. On Sunday, the tables were turned, this time Joe losing to the masked superstar in just about 60 seconds.

Joe’s shoulders were clearly up but nonetheless, the referee counted three, and Mysterio is your new US Champion. Post-match, Joe jumped Mysterio while celebrating with his son Dominic. He continued to beat him while his son watched ringside.

This only de-values the title which seemingly has played hot potato since the start of 2019. With its quick-changing hands, this feud will likely continue.

Shane McMahon def. The Miz in a Steel Cage match


Grade: C-

The intense rivalry between The Miz and Shane McMahon continued inside a Steel Cage Sunday night. McMahon had the momentum early, sending his opponent into the chainlink fence.

There was a lot of action back and forth between both. There was some more referee controversy as McMahon put his foot on the bottom rope during a pinfall, breaking the pin. However, the commentators made it clear that the ref should not have stopped the count.

The ending also made no sense and made Miz look foolish here, as McMahon slipped out of his jersey to leave the cage, making him the winner. Face Miz has a lot of potential and this should have been his first victory to start that run and end this feud.

WWE seems to want McMahon as a full-time wrestler and a heel at that. He’ll set to clash against Roman Reigns at Saudi Arabia’s Super ShowDown, leaving The Miz to start a new program.

Cruiserweight Championship – Tony Nese (c) def. Ariya Daivari


Grade: C

The cruiserweights finally got some love here being put on the main card.

Unfortunately, the crowd was not into this match at all, even going as far as chanting “boring” at one point in the match. This was a solid match but the lack of spark hurt it with the fans. Former 205 Live stars like Buddy Murphy, Cedric Alexander, and Ali put on better quality matches for the brand. Without them, 205 Live is now missing a top star.

Again, a solid match between the two but Tony Nese’s first title defense might hurt the potential of 205 Live matches to stay on the main card.

Raw Women’s Championship – Becky Lynch (c) def. Lacey Evans


Grade: B-

For Lacey Evans’s first singles match on PPV, it was solid and it helps when you are going up against one of the best in the Women’s Division like Becky Lynch.

There were a few timing issues but that will no doubt improve when she has more entrances on the main roster.

Lynch winning means she will stay with the Raw brand, especially after what followed.

SmackDown Women’s Championship – Charlotte Flair def. Becky Lynch (c), Bayley cashes in her contract to win the title


Grade: A

Charlotte Flair came out following the previous match and demanded Lynch defend her second title of the night right away. Becky 2 Belts did, showing she is a fighting champion.

It was a good match between the two as expected and led to Evans interfering in the match. Flair took that opportunity and performed a big boot to Lynch leading her to win her historic 10th Women’s Championship in WWE. Her and Evans assaulted Lynch post-match, leading to Bayley coming out and taking out both superstars.

The crowd was cheering for her to cash in on a downed Flair and she did so. She cashed in her contract and beat Flair for the title.

In 15 minutes or so, WWE Creative made both titles legit and will have them both on separate brands. Flair winning here was a good call and having Bayley cash-in was a better call. This protects Lynch and sets her feud with Evans while Bayley will look to probably start her first feud on SmackDown with Flair. Bravo to WWE for the creative booking decision here.

Roman Reigns def. Elias


Grade: A

Elias attacked Roman Reigns before the match start. After that, he came to the ring, performed his usual shtick, taunting the crowd, and was attacked by a returning Reigns, and then was beaten in a matter of seconds.

Elias will always be over with the crowd so a quick loss here doesn’t hurt. Sometimes, a simple five-second match works.

Universal Championship – Seth Rollins (c) def. AJ Styles


Grade: A

There was a ton of hype for this match and it delivered. Both Seth Rollins and AJ Styles are arguably the two best workers in WWE and the match lived up to the hype.

The match was an evenly fought bout that saw neither superstar gain an advantage. We instead got a battle of big spots and dramatic near-falls. The Universal Championship needs to be built back up as a top championship and this match definitely helped that.

The post-match sign of respect handshake between the competitors suggests that the feud is over for now. I honestly would not be upset if these guys had a few more matches against each other. It’ll be interesting to see what these two will do now from here.

WWE Championship – Kofi Kingston (c) def. Kevin Owens


Grade: A

Kofi Kingston retains here! People weren’t sure who was going to win but it makes sense to have Kingston retain here. He is on a roll so far as WWE Champion and is having the best matches of his 11-year career.

Kingston fighting from underneath and that kept frustrating Kevin Owens, getting into it with the crowd as well as they were cheering for their champion. The ending was good too, with Owens performing a senton, only to fail with Kingston putting his knees up and doing Trouble in Paradise for the win.

He is the best-booked wrestler in all of WWE since February and is one of the few bright spots the company has had so far in 2019.

Owens will recover and this will only force him to become more desperate to win his first WWE Championship. Potential rematches between the two will be fun to watch.

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder match – Brock Lesnar def. Finn Bálor, Ali, Andrade, Randy Orton, Ricochet, Drew McIntyre, and Baron Corbin


Grade: B-

This honestly had the potential to be one of the best Money in the Bank matches in company history. That all completely changed in a matter of seconds once Brock Lesnar’s music hit.

With Sami Zayn taken out before the match start, we were only left with seven competitors with no explanation.

Randy Orton looked good here, seemingly hanging out on the side of the ring and taking out the other competitors one by one. There were also a lot of high spots here, which included Andrade delivering a sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder, through the bridged set up by Andrade. Bálor’s body bounced off the ladder before he rested on the mat.

Andrade had another spot here as he and Ali delivered a Spanish Fly from the top of the ladder. Michael Cole reacted great asking, “What is wrong with these guys?”, which really sold the chaos this type of match can have.

It is the ending here that left fans really frustrated. Ali was fingertips away from the briefcase but Lesnar’s music suddenly hit. He stormed down the ring, knocked the ladder down, and climbed up another ladder to secure the briefcase to become Mr. Money in the Bank.

I get the swerve WWE tried to pull here but with that being said, this was not the right call here. Money in the Bank is normally for superstars being pushed at the next top guy but instead, WWE booked the winner to a part-timer.

There were many better options to go here and given Lesnar’s history as a part-timer, he’ll come in, win the title, and will barely appear on television.

Fans have not been happy with Lesnar as champion and things were looking better once he lost the title at WrestleMania. It seemed to be the start of a new era of no part-timers but it looks like we will be back at square one.


A solid PPV I must say. The Women’s Money in the Bank match was the best we have seen in its short history and Bayley winning was the right call. Having her cash in later in the night sets up separate Women’s Divisions on both brands. Both the Universal and WWE championship matches were great also, showing while Kingston and Rollins are the top guys in WWE right now.

There were some questionable matches here, mainly the Steel Cage and United States Championship matches but the ending of Lesnar winning the briefcase will leave a bad taste in people’s mouths.

For the third straight year, the Men’s Money in the Bank match will be a waste. Let’s see what WWE does now with Lesnar as Mr. Money in the Bank.


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