Money in the Bank is a popular stipulation in WWE. It is a multi-person match. It is a chance to start booking the next superstar to become World Champion. Guys like Edge, Daniel Bryan, and C.M. Punk to name a few have used this as a stepping stone to joining the main event scene in WWE.

Outside of the winner, there has been a fair share of participants who while they had memorable moments, never climbed the ladder and unhooked the briefcase. Here is a quick list of the 10 WWE superstars that should have won Money in the Bank at one point in their career.

10. Rusev


This time last year, Rusev was one of the most over superstars in all of WWE. Fans were chanting “Rusev Day” at every event and the Rusev Day shirt was one of the highest-selling shirts at one point on 2018 was the first and only time he was in a Money in the Bank and it would have been the perfect time for him to be Mr. Money in the Bank.

9. Montel Vontavious Porter


MVP debuted in 2006 as “the largest contract in SmackDown! history.” The villainous character of MVP had money, constant phone calls with his agent, and a ring entrance featuring an NFL-like inflatable tunnel. He feuded with the likes of Kane and Chris Benoit early in his career and even captured the United States Championship at Judgement Day 2007. Porter competed in three MITB ladder matches at WrestleMania XXIV, XXV, and XXVI but failed to win any of them.

Porter is looked at as one of the more underrated WWE Superstars. As a heel, winning the contract and cashing in on a down champion would have created more heat for him.

8. Jeff Hardy


When you think ladders, you think of The Hardy Boyz, especially what Jeff has done in those countless stipulations. He only participated in one MITB match at WrestleMania 23 and had one of the craziest spots, jumping off a ladder and landing on Edge, who was lying on a bridged ladder on the outside.

An interesting note here, Hardy was actually scheduled to win the Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania XXIV. However, he was suspended for 60 days right before ‘Mania for violating WWE’s Substance Abuse Policy. Let’s say he had won, it would have been a great jumpstart to his main event push in the WWE.

7. Kevin Owens


Owens can do it all. He is a great wrestler and can talk on the mic as a heel and a face. He has competed in three ladder matches at Money in the Bank 2016, 17, and 18.

As a heel especially, Owens would of be great as Mr. Money in the Bank, trying to find the best way to cash in on a downed opponent. Still early in his career, he definitely has a chance to win Money in the Bank at one point coming.

6. Shelton Benjamin


Much like MVP, Benjamin is viewed as one of the most underrated performers in the WWE

Benjamin was in the first MITB match and was in every other ladder match when it took place at WrestleMania. He is a freak athlete and has his fair share of highlights in these types of matches, which included multiple front flips off of ladders multiple times. When you think of these types of matches, you think of a guy like Benjamin.

5. Cody Rhodes


One of the guys WWE never capitalized on. After being stuck in the mid-card, Rhodes left the company in 2016 and completely changed his career in such a short time, creating a new wrestling company (All Elite Wrestling) and winning championships around the world.

He has competed in four MITB ladder matches and was always a favorite to win. 2013 looked to be the best time to have captured the briefcase but his tag team partner at the time, Damien Sandow, pushed him off the ladder to win it himself.

4. Christian


He was one of the first to be involved in ladder matches and was in the first MITB match.

Christian is 0-6 in MITB matches and honestly should have won at least one of those matches. Christian has had a successful career in the WWE but never really had a chance to be a part of the main event picture. He had short stints with the World Heavyweight Championship but they were forgettable.

3. Becky Lynch


Long before “Becky 2 Belts,” Lynch was over with the fans but never got an opportunity to be in the title picture. Lynch has participated in every women’s MITB match so far and was the favorite to win every single one of them.

Lynch had a chance to win the first-ever Women’s Ladder match but interference from James Ellsworth and his grabbing the briefcase ruined what was a historic moment in women’s wrestling.

2. Kofi Kingston


Kingston joins Kane as having the most appearances in a Money in the Bank Ladder match with seven apiece but Kane has won one in the past, unlike Kingston.

Still, Kingston was a human highlight reel when participating in these matches. Some of those spots include using a broken ladder as walking stilts at WrestleMania XXV or performing a Boom Drop on Drew McIntyre off a ladder at Money in the Bank 2010.

1. Chris Jericho


Jericho created the concept of Money in the Bank but somehow has never won. When he and five other superstars had no plans for WrestleMania 21 he came up with a concept that started out what has been a mainstay in the WWE today.

It would have been nice to see Jericho win a stipulation that he created.


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