Yesterday, I posted the list of the 10 best WrestleMania winning percentages. In the spirit of WrestleMania and putting countless hours in the spreadsheet I made for this (don’t judge me), I decided to post the 10 lowest winning percentages in WrestleMania history.

Here is a quick recap of how the list was made, similar to yesterday’s post.

  • I only counted Wrestlers who have competed in at LEAST FIVE matches.
  • All matches (single, tag, multi-man ladder, battle royals, ETC) counted
  • Wrestlers who have competed in more than one match in the same night have counted as two or more matches to their respective records
  • While normally pre-show matches don’t count for some, I included those in the win/loss record, to change things up.

10. Jimmy Uso (25%)

  • Record: 2-6

Outside of last year, Jimmy Uso, as well as his brother Jey, have competed in pre-show matches of WrestleMania. You would think that Jey made the list too but Jimmy has one more loss in his record book, as he competed in the André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 31.

It was odd as they both had a match together before the battle royal in a WWE Tag Team Championship. Not sure why Jey was not involved in the match, maybe they only needed one more person to fill the match.

9. Tie for 22.2%

  • Primo Colón: 2-7
  • Tito Santana: 2-7

Tito Santana is a legend in the wrestling business but never fair welled at WrestleMania. Primo Colón has been a part of multiple pre-show matches ranging from tag matches to battle royals. He did team up with Carlito to win and unify both the WWE and World Tag Team titles at ‘Mania XXV.

8. Nine-way tie for 20%

  • Epico Colón: 1-4
  • Haku: 1-4
  • Hercules: 1-4
  • John Morrison: 1-4
  • Mickie James: 1-4
  • Mr. Perfect: 1-4
  • Natalya: 1-4
  • Val Venis: 1-4
  • Viscera: 1-4

A list of mid-card talent and top female superstars come in at number eight. The majority of these losses come from battle royals. The most notable name here is Mickie James. The six-time WWE Women’s Champion had her only WrestleMania victory against Trish Stratus at 22 to win her first Women’s Championship.

7. Mark Henry (18.2%)

  • Record: 2-9

The World’s Strongest Man has had a Hall of Fame career but never really had his WrestleMania moments. He won his first two matches early in his 20+ career but ended on the receiving end of matches ranging from battle royals and a Money in the Bank Ladder match.

6. Tie for 16.6%

  • Chavo Guerrero: 1-5
  • Zack Ryder: 1-5

Chavo Guerrero had his only victory at WrestleMania XX, retaining his Cruiserweight Championship in a Cruiserweight Open.

Zack Ryder shockingly won his only ‘Mania match at 32, winning the Intercontinental Championship in a seven-man ladder match. It was a short-lived title run, as he dropped it the next night to The Miz on Raw.

5. Five-way tie for 14.3%

  • Cody Rhodes: 1-6
  • Faarooq: 1-6
  • Fandango: 1-6
  • Jeff Hardy: 1-6
  • Tyson Kidd: 1-6

It is crazy to think that WWE did not use Cody Rhodes to his full potential as he is one of the biggest stars in wrestling not associated with WWE.

Jeff Hardy is the biggest name on this list. The multiple-time Tag Team Champion won his only WrestleMania at 33 in a fatal-4-way ladder match for the Raw Tag Team Championship alongside his brother Matt.

4. Shelton Benjamin (12.5%)

  • Record: 1-7

Shelton Benjamin won his first WrestleMania match in a triple threat tag team match at ‘Maina XIX but has not won since then. The majority of his losses came in Money in the Bank matches as he competed in every single one that took place when the stipulation was around at WrestleMania.

While he never won a Money in the Bank match, he has had his fair share of high-flying moments in the match.

3. Dolph Ziggler (11.1%)

  • Record: 1-8

WWE fans can tell you that Dolph Ziggler is one of the best performers in WWE but has never been used to his full potential. A crazy thing I noticed that Ziggler has never participated in a WrestleMania singles match as he was mainly involved in ladder matches for either the Intercontinental Championship or the Money in the Bank contract.

2. Kofi Kingston (10%)

  • Record: 1-9

Kofi Kingston is one of the most over guys in the WWE right now and is a constant favorite by the fans. He is a human highlight reel but has never had his WrestleMania moment.

For the first time in his 11-year career, he will compete in a one on one match for the WWE Championship this Sunday at WrestleMania 35. If he wins that, his 1-9 ‘Mania record will not look as bad.

1. 13-way tie for 0%

  • Big E: 0-6
  • Bubba Ray Dudley: 0-5
  • Curtis Axel: 0-5
  • D-Von Dudley: 0-5
  • Finlay: 0-5
  • Goldust: 0-11
  • The Godfather: 0-5
  • Heath Slater: 0-6
  • Jacques Rougeau: 0-5
  • Funaki: 0-5
  • R-Truth: 0-8
  • Sin Cara: 0-5
  • William Regal: 0-6

The list that no one wants to be on. 13 superstars top the list as guys who have competed in at least five matches without a single WrestleMania win. Guys like Big E, Curtis Axel, Goldust, Heath Slater, R-Truth, and Sin Cara mainly competed in the pre-show battle royals while Finlay was in multiple Money in the Bank ladder matches.

A notable name here is The Dudley Boyz, who have competed in historic ladder matches at ‘Mania 2000 and X-7 but was never able to get a victory. They are one of the best tag teams in wrestling history, but their record at The Show of Shows does not show it.

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