Hello everyone,

If you are one of the few people that have checked out my last few articles throughout the later part of 2018 I wanted to say thank you. If you are wondering whatever happened to those past pieces, I currently have them on private and starting fresh for the new year.

The reason for this? I felt that those pieces I did were not my best and I was not consistent with them. Instead of doing opinionated pieces that I planned on doing, I ended up doing just WWE pay-per-view previews and reviews from those shows. Those events itself spanned from a few weeks to months apart, leaving a few months in between with nothing. With a lot of those weeks (sometimes months) with no content, I felt that I needed a fresh start within the new year.

I’ll take you back a bit. After graduating from St. Bonaventure University back in May 2017, I immediately started looking for a job, a chance to get my name out there, particularly in the sports world, with dreams of becoming either a sportswriter or working in sports radio. I had some interviews with companies and even had a five-month internship with 12Up Sports from April-September 2018. After the internship, they told me there were not looking to hire anyone at the moment. While it did hurt I knew that that was the way the real world works.

While I was attending St. Bonaventure, I was writing for Basketball Society Online, where I wrote on the game of basketball, ranging from NBA news to opinionated pieces on historical content I started writing for them in December 2014 and recently left that site due to that I lost the passion and simply needed to find it once again.

While I am currently not employed, I wanted to keep writing regardless in order to build my craft and bring in some content. Here are some of the main topics I’ll be focusing on.


Credit: Getty Images

Sports have been a huge part of my life ever since I can remember, so it makes sense why this would be one of the major parts of my blog. Basketball and Football are the main ones I follow but one of my goals for the New Year is to start following different sports like baseball, soccer, and even some hockey.

Opinionated pieces, lists, historical articles, you name it. That is the type of articles you’ll see on here.


Credit: WWE.com

Wrestling has also been a big part of my life, mainly WWE. I have been watching it ever since I was a kid and even though there was a point when I stopped watching it, I started to have a passion for it once again towards the end of college. Now, I watch the weekly shows and the monthly pay-per-views. I noticed now that people follow other promotions outside of WWE. I never grew up watching them, but after seeing some matches this past year, I am going to try to follow up on some work outside of the WWE. Much like with sports, you’ll see lists and opinionated articles on what is happening in the world of wrestling. I’ll also be doing previews and reviews for the WWE pay-per-views, as well as some other popular shows outside of the United States.

Video Games

My current gaming setup for now.

When I wasn’t outside shooting hoops or throwing the football around, I usually pick up a controller and play video games, whether is it on Xbox or even throwing it back to the PlayStation 2. Much like the previous topics, you’ll see pieces regarding the world of gaming.

Other Projects

While those three above would be my main focus, I am going to start working on other projects. Down the line, I will be starting up a podcast in the near future. The podcast will consist of stuff on the blog, as well as any trending topics that come to mind. The guests will vary, mainly with my friends that have had an impact on my life. With the way podcasts have been so popular in the past few years, why not start one up?

Other ideas I have down the include starting up a YouTube channel and share some photos I have taken with my camera, but I’ll save those down the line once the others get consistent content.

That is pretty much what this blog will consist of. With 2019 here, I wanted to share with everyone what the plan is for here. My stuff will be constantly shared on my social media pages so you do not miss out.

Thank you again for checking out the official introduction to fonzdefalco.com. Let’s make 2019 a good one!

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